Sweet Crêpes




Lemon & Sugar

Triple choc

Nutella, White chocolate & Flake

Snow nut

Nutella & White Chocolate

Snow flake

White Chocolate & Flake

The Big One

Triple Choc & Banana

Fruit & Nutcase

Nutella & Banana

Mellow Nut

Nutella & Marshmallows

Red Nut

Nutella & Strawberry coulis

Mellow White

White Chocolate & Marshmallows

Mum & Dad's

Grand Marnier

Snow red

White Chocolate & Strawberry coulis

Savoury Crêpes


Cheese & Ham

Green Farmers

Cheese, Ham & Pesto

Chilli Farmers

Cheese, Ham & Chilli Jam

Captain Flint's Favourite

Cheese, Ham & Mushrooms with Garlic Oil

House Special

Cheese, Pesto & Mushrooms with Garlic Oil

Full works

Cheese, Ham, Chilli Jam, Pesto & Mushrooms with Garlic Oil