mano guillemot consulting help crepes in devon
Mano Guillemot at Gara Rocks cooking his delicious French crêpes at a wedding party dinner.

Do you need help with your creperie?

I have personally helped train hundreds of crepe makers and helped dozens of businesses start from scratch their own creperie or tweaked already set-up businesses. Making crêpes more authentic, redesigning menus, creating different batter recipes, it's all part of the work I offer.

Do you need help with delivering authentic French crepes?

Born in Brittany I was brought up eating crepes at home. My mum taught me at a young age how to make the authentic ones! I am now in the business for 20 years and therefore have an innate ability to deliver the genuine French crepes as they are meant to be! Currently still working hands-on at The Salcombe Crêperie!
consulting-crepe-help with creperie

How can I help you with your creperie?

As a general overview I can help with these points:

  • The development of various crêpe recipes
  • Create different menus
  • Training: mixing batter and cooking crêpes
  • Assisting with equipment acquirement- buying, hiring or loans
  • Setting up your kitchen for a good work flow
  • Finding suppliers
  • Legal requirements: insurance, law etc...
  • Equipment set-up and maintenance
  • All utensils advice

The time to deliver all of this could be three days to four weeks. It can be faster depending on equipment acquirement as well as other factors such as location. I work internationally and can travel to your location if necessary.

Initially I thought the price was a bit steep for the consultation and then I thought about how many crepe recipes I had tried out, how much time I spent on the internet looking for alternatives and how frustrated I was getting with the process and decided I couldn't afford to not have the consultation with Mano.
My conclusion is that it was worth every penny.
We really enjoyed the training, Mano was very patient and considerate.
He helped us with recipes and  techniques and shared his wealth of experience with us, making really useful suggestions regarding our menu and how to make it more appealing to the customer and easier to manage for my staff.
It was a great deal of fun and I am delighted to have booked the consultating with Mano.
Thank you
Andrea G.