Salcombe Chef

Who are we?

The Salcombe CrêperieAs the Bake House shuts its doors at 5pm, as all bakeries do, we took on the opportunity to open up serving crêpes in the evenings.
So here we are mixing our own batter on the premises and serving incredibly good french style pancakes, fresh French crêpes!
With an experience of four years making crêpes on various markets and outdoor events in the South East of England, we are now very happy to offer our services to Salcombe holiday makers every springs and summers. You can see our menu here.

This year is our tirteenth year in Salcombe!

The years 2020 and 2021 are covid years: years of transformation and great changes for everyone. The Crêperie has also been under this changing influence and we had to say goodbye to the Bake House and thank them for having “hosted” us for a full twelve years. We have left on good terms and have now found abode across the street to Captain Flint’s restaurant. Beware, our timings have change: we are now primarily open in the daytime with some bonus evening. Check our home page for exact opening days and times.
Pizzas are still being served as take out at Captain Flint’s in the evenings. Go here to book a slot for your pizza.



Brittanygrand marnier crepe grandma
Brought up in Brittany, Mano was “born with a crêpe in his mouth”!
His mum herself taught him the art of making crêpes in his childhood. In fact you can meet her as she comes and spend a few days at the beginning of September every year. She is a beautiful 91 years old who likes Grand Marnier on her crêpes!



Jobs at The Crêperienutella i love the salcombe creperie
In the summer the Crêperie is so busy that Mano passes on his skill and engage young adults to help him cook those delicious crêpes. So if you are 16 years old or older and want to work at the Salcombe Crêperie get in touch. It is a seasonal job mostly for July and August, working evenings only.



England – India
The Crêperie is open over a six/eight month period when Salcombe becomes alive. The weather is warmer, the sea is more enjoyable and holiday makers flock to the seaside to enjoy the best of the weather. When winter sets in, Salcombe goes to sleep. This is when I go off to India, partly to explore and also take care of my other project which I run with my wife Vanessa. Check our website to find out about our fabulous Walk your Talk Retreats in India. It is highly transformative on a personal level to all of those who attends!