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Crêpe recipe with tips


Dear Crêpe Lovers,

Yes we are closed, and so is most of the planet! (Today is the 8th April 2020)

If I find you home reading this then well done, as this is where we all should be! ;)

I have realised that you are probably missing our delicious crêpes so I have decided to give you a crêpe recipe that you can create at home and have an evening of fun making both savoury and sweet crêpes together with your family. This recipe has a few golden tips thrown in, I am sharing some secrets – this is not just any old recipe lying around!

#stayathome Crêpe Recipe

One of the secrets to good crêpe making is to choose the best ingredients to make them with use only:

Free range or organic eggs please, forget about eggs from battery caged hens, it just won’t do and think about the hen’s quality of life.

Fresh milk is better than UHT, it tastes better!

Use butter instead of oil or margarine, butter rules here, it’s the French way and tastes fantastic!butter in your crepe
Use regular plain flour and salt – sea salt is one of the best.

Big Tip: Buy local with all the ingredients and support your community.


150gr Plain flour
1 Large egg
250 ml Milk (half water & half milk for a lighter crêpe)
1 Pinch of salt
1 tsp Oil

Leave to rest half an hour or even overnight. It’s okay if you don’t give it rest but it’s better!

Watch out for variations when making your batter. The egg size, how much fat is in the milk, and even the flour can affect it. Flour vary from make to make even from the time of year you buy it. Because of all these variations you need to adjust you mix accordingly. It takes experience to make a good batter – so if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying.

With this quantity of batter I made 6 crêpes with the pan you see on the photos. I could have made a few more thin ones.


Here is a step by step guide for mixing your batter.
By hand: Place the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the centre and crack your eggs in there, add your salt and a teaspoon of oil. With a large wooden spoon start mixing, keeping in the centre of the bowl, slowly getting the flour towards the centre a little bit at the time. As it gets thicker add some milk and carry on mixing a little bit more of milk. Carry on with the rest of the liquid. You should now have a smooth mix.
With a mixer: Add flour, the teaspoon of oil, eggs and salt in the bowl. Switch on and add the water and milk slowly until all in. You should now have a smooth mix. You add the liquid slowly otherwise your mix might be lumpy.
With a blender (aka a stick): Add all ingredients in the bowl except half the liquid which you keep back. Blend until smooth, then add the rest of the liquid all in one and finish off blending. You should now have a smooth mix.

Now get your pan ready! The heat under the pan is most likely going to be a 3/4 heat. The first crêpe is always a tester – you are gauging the heat of the pan and the thickness of the batter. After you have made your first crêpe (it is rarely perfect – expect it to go wrong!) make the adjustments you need, such as heat, or more liquid or flour. Always have butter at the bottom of the pan that way it won’t stick and it tastes so much better!
butter in the pan


This recipe doesn’t contain any sugar. This means that you could have savoury crêpes with it.

I suggest you gather the following: cheese, ham, hard boiled eggs, smoked mackerel, tomatoes, chilli jam, pesto, mushrooms and spinach. Once you’ve got all these gathered around the pan, you can go along and invite everyone to make their own. It can be great fun! Or you could dedicate a chef that will cook to order for everyone. That could be great too! Someone can help serving by taking the orders and coming and going from the dining-room to the kitchen.

Why not make it even more fun by creating and printing a mini-menu for the evening once you know what you have in the fridge to make your crêpes with.

Do the same for your sweet crêpes, you know what you like!

See our full menu served at The Salcombe Crêperie for ingredient ideas. You can put just about anything in a crêpe!

butter crepe
crepe butter
butter crepes
crêpe butter
Put a knob of butter on the crêpe just before you turn it!

Happy crêping!